The School of Calligraphy & Ornamentation Workshops

The School of Calligraphy and Ornamentation is presenting you with a full year of artistic workshops to introduce you to the traditional Arts of the Book that will include calligraphy, ornamentation, gilding, miniature painting and bookmaking crafts.

We also offer long term calligraphy workshops in our Fujairah & Diba branches, see the full offerings on here 

These workshops are a great way to start with traditional arts especially the Islamic ones and they will give you an understanding of all the stages in creating a beautiful traditional manuscript.

All workshops are open for beginners and we welcome students from the age of 18+ 

Reasons to attend these workshops
  • Learn about traditional manuscripts & the ways to make your own
  • Develop your art skills in the field of traditional arts
  • Become familiar with the visual language of Islamic art to implement in your design work
  • Create a rich artistic portfolio to help you standout

2024 Schedule

Each month will be dedicated to a specific subject and you will be able to either attend the whole month or one week. Each week is a standalone workshop, where you will lean a new skill. The weekly workshops run from Monday to Thursday from 4pm to 8pm. We also have Sunday workshops that you can attend especially if you are coming from outside of Fujairah. They will be a great into to this art form. 

Our Location

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the entry requirements for the workshops?
    They are open for any adult with high school diploma or a university degree.
  • What age groups is the course suitable for? 
    From 18+.
  • What time is the weekly workshop?
    From 4pm to 8pm 
  • What time is the weekend workshop?
    From 11am to 3pm.
  • How many days is each workshop?
    The weekly workshop is four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) and is only for one week. The weekend workshops are only one day.
  • Are these workshops in-person or online?
    Most of the workshops are taught in-person, but there is an online option for some. 
  • Where is the location?
    Workshop Location: Villa #16 in Naseem Albahar, AlFaseel, near Sharq Hospital 
  • Are the workshops theory or practical?
    The workshops are completely practical and you will be learning the hand skills with each course.
  • Can I attend only one area of study or one workshop a month? 
    Of course, the workshops are flexible and you are welcome to join any 
  • Who is going to teach the program?
    We have invited a number of international and local artists and experts in their fields to teach the subjects. There will be a different expert every two weeks or every week. 
  • How much are the workshops?
    One weekend workshop is 120 AED
    One weekly workshop is 320 AED
  • Are materials included in this fee?
    Yes, all materials are provided for you
  • Is the fee refundable?
    No, so please be sure you want to be part of the workshops. 
  • What kind of certificate would I get? 
    You will get an attendance certificate from the School of Calligraphy & Ornamentation and the Fujairah Fine Art Academy detailing the house you have attended and the projects you have completed.