Islamic Geometry – Drawing and Painting – July and August – Sundays (in-person and online)

Islamic geometry is an essential skill in Islamic art and it is the basis of many beautiful designs.

This course will be about: 

  • Introduction to Geometric Patterns.
  • How patterns are applied in traditional designs.
  • Different methodologies in illustrating patterns.
  • What are Geometric families and why we use this classification?
  • Common mistakes in applying patterns and how to avoid them.
  • The main rules for illustrating patterns.
  • How to draw patterns using ruler and compass.

Age: Adults (16+)

Workshop Dates and Times: 

  • In-person
    • Sundays – July, 11am to 1pm
      (7, 14, 21, 28  July) | 8 hours of learning | 160 AED
    • Sundays – August, 11am to 1pm
      (4, 11, 18, 25 August) | 8 hours of learning | 160 AED
    • Or both July and August | 16 hours of learning | 320 AED
  • Online
    • Sundays – July 2-3:30 pm
      (7, 14, 21, 28  July) | 6 hours of learning | 120 AED
    • Sundays – August 2-3:30 pm
      (4, 11, 18, 25 August) | 6 hours of learning | 120 AED
    • Or both July and August | 12 hours of learning | 240 AED
    • Note: Online students are responsible for providing their own materials.

Workshop Location: Al Taif Mall Offices, 17th Floor 

Tutor’s Biography: Mostafa Sedky

Mostafa graduated from the College of Engineering in 2007. He taught approximately 50 workshops, 30 specialized courses, and 11 specialized programs (the program lasts a full year). Mostafa established an integrated curriculum for studying Islamic geometric decoration and launched a project to revive Islamic art in Cairo. He participated in a project to save Mamluk minbars in Cairo, where he was responsible for analyzing the Mamluk designs in the minbars that were being documented.

Mostafa published his first book, “Geometric Decoration, Rules and Principles.

Workshop Rules and Regulations: 

  • The fee includes all the learning hours and materials that will be supplied in the in-person course.
  • No refunds are acceptable and you need to attend the specified hours and times listed on this page.
  • No makeup sessions will be offered.
  • Please note that you should attend at least 90% of the hours to receive your attendance certificate for this course.

120,00 د.إ320,00 د.إ